Hand and Feet Care

How to take care of feet ?

Although very few people are beautiful naturally. Young or elder, everybody wants to keep their feet beautiful and soft like children.
Your feet lift the weight of your entire body throughout life, so they are susceptible to injuries and infections. Neglecting your feet can lead to unnecessary pain and other leg problems. That’s why you should try to keep your feet beautiful and healthy.
It is great to go to a parlor for a regular pedicure, but it is not the only solution for healthy and beautiful feet.
There are many easy ways that can increase the natural beauty of your feet, provide pain relief, protection against bacterial and fungal infections and can ensure moisturization.

Here we are giving some tips for foot care that you should follow.

1. Wash your feet regularly

Legs become dirty faster than other parts of the body due to sweating, so it is important to wash them regularly.
The beginning and the end of the day should be done by washing your feet. Use a mild soap or antiseptic soap and lukewarm water to get rid of sweat, dirt and bacteria present in your feet.
Do not use too hot water, which can snatch the natural oil of your skin. Apart from this, avoid using harsh water to wash your feet, because it can actually dry the skin and create the risk of causing cracks in your feet.
After washing the feet, use a soft towel and dry your feet well, especially between the toes. Fungal infections can occur with water between toes, such as athlete feet. Place a separate towel to dry your feet.

2. Exfoliate twice

It is also important to wash your feet and heel regularly. The skin of your feet is thick, so it is necessary to remove the dead skin with expansion to keep your feet soft and smooth. It also reduces the risk of developing corns. If you have corns or callus in your feet then consult with the doctor.
To get rid of dead skin, use foot scrubber or pumice stone. Do not rub hard while using scrubber and pumice stone. Soak your feet in lukewarm water at least 10 minutes before scrubbing.You can also make homemade foot scrub by adding sugar or salt to baby oil to make a thick paste. Put the paste on all your feet, then massage it in a round motion for 5 minutes.
Wash your feet with cold water after the pumice stone and scrub, and apply cream after drying. Exfoliate your feet twice a week to keep them soft and smooth.

 3. Moisturize your legs

It is very important to apply moisturizer on your feet daily and especially before going to bed. While applying moisturizer, it should  be rubbed above and below your feet. Before going to bed, make  habit of applying  foot creams on your feet and massage them slowly for approximately 10 minutes.
If your heel cracked in the winter, wear socks after moisturizing to keep moisture for long periods of time. However, do not place too much moisturizer between your toes at any time.
You can also rely on natural products like coconut oil, olive oil or cocoa butter. These products help to keep the dry skin moist. When using oil, heat it slightly.

4. Trim the feet nails properly

To keep healthy and strong, your nails will have to trim once in two weeks. Use only the nail cutter; Do not use scissors. Trim your toes (toenails) after taking a shower when it is slightly softer. Do not make your nails too small because it increases the likelihood of skin infections.
Always trim your toes vertically and smooth the corners with a nail file. Do not trim at any of the bottom edges as this increases the likelihood of ingrown toenails, which is extremely painful. Younger children and elderly people should get help to trim the toenails.

5. Massage everyday

Regular foot massage is the easiest way to keep your feet healthy and free of all types of foot problems. A few minutes of foot massage every day also provides other benefits, such as:
* Improve blood circulation of your feet.
* Feeling relaxed and have good sleep after getting tired all day
* Make your ankles strong and flexible
* Reduce inflammation of the feet
Spend just 5 minutes daily. Massage your feet daily.
Use hot olive or coconut oil. While doing massage, use your thumb to massage your feet in a circular pattern. You can also use a foot roller to massage your feet.

6. Wear well-fitting shoes

Whether you stand on your feet or sit at the desk most of the time, you should always wear comfortable and well fitting shoes. They will help you to work without any inconvenience.
Poor fitting shoes, where shoes are very small, can cause pain while walking and even callus and corns can be develop. The risk of falling increases from very big shoes

The way to choose the right pair of shoes.
When buying a new pair of shoes, wear both shoes and see whether they are comfortable or not. In the afternoon or evening, go to buy shoes because at this time your feet size is slightly big. Which helps us choose the right size of shoes. Different types of shoes for different occasions, such as boots for morning walks, high heels for parties and flat boots for day-to-day use, if you sweat more then use shoes made of lacy or latticed clothes.
High heeled shoes should be used on special occasions and should also be avoided for long periods of time.
Wearing flip-flops all the time can cause pain in the arch and heel.

7. Soak your feet

Take time to soak the feet comfortably as long as possible. This will help keep your feet clean, soft. It will also help reduce the odor of the foot, reduce stress, relax the body, and eliminate toxins from the body.
Epsom (rock) salt is the best choice for a healthy foot.
Put Epsom salt and a few drops of scented oil in a hot water tub. Dip your feet in water for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Using a pumice stone to rinse dry and dry skin, rub your heel. Dry your feet. Put lotions on your feet and wear socks to keep them soft.
Enjoy your feet soaking once a week for better of your feet.

8. Use foot packs

Like your face and hands, your feet may also be damaged by tanning. When you get out in the sun then the sun falls straight over them, their color becomes darker. Tanning can make your feet ugly and it can worsen if you do not take care in time. The best way to remove it is to apply foot pack regularly.
Mix glycerin, rose water and lemon juice in equal amounts. Apply it for 20 minutes after washing the feet. Use this pack 2 or 3 times a week.
To make a thick paste, a foot pack with dried orange peel powder and some milk can be made. Put this pack on your feet and let it dry itself. Then using wet hands, scrub the pack and wash your feet with lukewarm water. Apply this pack 3 times a week for good results.
Never forget to put sunscreen on your feet before going out in the sun. Also, avoid wearing flip-flops or open sandals during the summer.

9. Take care of the sweat feet

Sweaty and smelly feet are a shameful problem. There are large number of sweat glands in your feet which produce about 1/2 cup sweat in normal conditions.
Sweat creates the right atmosphere for the growth of the bacteria and eventually the situation of smelly feet is created. When dirt and sweating are very long on your feet, they cause athlete’s foot and other infections.
Always wear cotton socks and change your socks daily to stop the smell of the foot. Avoid wearing too tight pantyhose as well as  socks made of synthetic fiber. Keep your shoes clean to reduce the odor. Sprinkle baby powder or talc powder in your shoes. Periodically remove nail polish from your toes.

10. Check feet with regular period

Check your feet and toes daily for any wounds, blisters, scratches, infection or nail problems while taking a shower. If you find any problems, consult a doctor, do not try to treat foot problems yourself.

As you are old, taking care of the feet becomes even more important as the effect of age starts falling on the skin. Also, decrease in eye sight makes it more difficult for you to physically reach your feet.
Apart from this, those who are diabetic should take extra care, because they are at greater risk of suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy, which can cause the toe and skin damage.

People with diabetes and elderly should never ignore any kind of pain on their feet. Should be consulted from the doctor to get the feet checked every six months.