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Is it okay to apply KAJAL in the eyes of children ?

Having a newborn is a great feeling in the family, especially for the mother. Every mother lives in anxiety about the care of her newborn. He takes full care of his children from top to bottom. Applying kajal to newborn eyes is also one of them. As we all know,  applying kajal is also one of the oldest Indian rituals for infants.
But we should all consider that its not safe for the eyes.

According to grandmother, there are many advantages of applying kajal in children’s eyes, such as:

It makes the eyes look beautiful, big and bright and protects the children from the sun’s bright rays too. It
also protects children from bad eyes.
Even though applying kajal to a newborn baby is considered good but it is not a good practice even harmful sometimes.

Side Effects of Kajal

Let’s know what diseases can be caused by putting kajal on a newborn baby:

By applying kajal the baby’s eyes may cause watering in the eyes and increases the risk of infection.

By putting kajal on a daily basis, the kajal starts gradually increasing in the eyes of the baby so that it starts getting itchy.

Nowadays, there are many types of kajal in the market, which contain chemical substances which can also cause them allergies.

Brain Damage
Most of the commercially produced kajal contains lead. Lead is considered harmful for the brain.
It causes developmental delay, decreased I.Q. and even can cause convulsions.

Dry eyes
If the baby eyes start watering or irritation after kajal, immediately remove the kajal from eyes or else his eyes will dry.

Skin problems
The skin of young children is delicate. Applying chemically-made kajal around the eyes may damage the skin around eyes.


If you have to put  kajal on your child’s eyes, then it is very important to take some precautions before this, which are as follows:

If a child is irritable after wearing a kajal, then the water should be sprayed immediately in the eyes.

Just put the kajal on the outside of eyes.

Before sleeping, wash the baby’s eyes and face.

Still If the newborn is to have a kajal, then you should only use a home-made kajal.

Better you apply kajal to forehead, behind the ear or on the sole of the baby.