Hand and Feet Care

Benefits of foot massage

Most people take great care of their whole body but do not pay much attention to the feet. If the feet have not been treated properly for long periods, then problems can arise.
We have full body weight on our feet. Nobody knows how much do we walk with our legs all the day? But despite this we do not care our feet as much as we should. To keep the legs strong and flexible, if you do massage a few minutes  a day, then it can be very fruitful. Regular foot massaging with reflexology makes body health better.
Reflexology is the ancient method of medicine. In reflexology therapy, pressure is applied through fingers, thumbs, and hands without using oil and lotion. According to acupressure therapy, different points in the soles of the feet are related to different organs of the body. By massaging the legs, all these organs can be kept healthy. Apart from this, it is also helpful in generating heat in the body.

Improves Blood Circulation:

Nowadays, most of the people live sedentary life. Because of which, they have a negative effect on their health. Wearing tight shoes also affects the circulation of the feet. If you massage your foot for 10-minute daily, then it keeps the oxygen flow better in the body.

Help in fighting depression:

In addition to improving foot blood circulation, massage and reflexology helps in fighting depression. Some points on the feet are helpful in reducing the symptoms of depression. Massage on these points and pressing for 2 or 3 times for few minutes a day can help to relieve depression symptoms.

Get rid of fatigue:

Foot massage is one of the best way to relax after full day of stress and fatigue. Five to ten minutes of foot massage and reflexology can be very comfortable before sleeping.

Good sleep:

The best time to do foot massage is before sleeping. Comfortable foot massage helps in getting good sleep. It relaxes you from day long mental and physical exertion. It is also a great way to get rid of stress and headache.

Pain Relief:

If properly done, foot massage and reflexology provides relief in many types of pain. Foot massage benefits from headaches, migraines, neck pain, low back and upper back pain.